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Create advancing environments for the youth through life skills, education, and sports.

Father and Son

Our Story

R Eight 18 Inc. mission to fight homelessness started in 2016. At the time, being apart of the great Los Angeles community, the amount of children living in homelessness was at an unbelievable rise. With a committed team, we worked hard to develop a program to help assist youth living in these unprecedented circumstances. 

Unfortunately, our work had to be put on pause due to the development of COVID-19 in 2019. The pandemic not only paused our work, we had to move to California City, CA and had to once again create our programs to fit our mission. 

With new developments, we observed that we needed to help our youth with more than just homelessness. Kids need activities, education, opportunity, and support! 

This is how WE GOT NEXT SPORTS was born. With multiple sectors of our nonprofit, we handle different areas of our mission. We Got Next Sports provides our sports programs, education assistance, and financial literacy. 

We provide all these services to our community youth in California City, CA.

Big thanks to our Sponsors

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